QUORUM provides the relay service market more competitive events. The ability to disseminate their conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars, etc., via Internet streaming as well as commercials and corporate presentations of your company, always with a guaranteed bandwidth support for traffic needed.

The streaming video service QUORUM will allow the dissemination of multimedia content emisióny audio and streaming video via the Internet, from a remote server connected to a professional video camera, webcam or player controlled by a mixer, for live video. Likewise, you can also cast their contents, previously recorded and edited, from our servers via the web.

QUORUM offers the most advanced technical infrastructure and versatile, which will always provide the most competitive professional solution market, thanks to our streaming servers, encoders and guaranteed throughput.

There are two alternatives for the retransmission of events: live and on demand, all of our fully flexible and scalable services in volume:

  • With direct streaming, your events are broadcast in real time and accessible via the Internet from your own web browser and even from mobile devices, allowing your audience to connect to the emisióny can follow from any location.
  • With streaming on demand, transcode multimedia content and make them accessible via the web and / or direct download for users who wish to download them. In this way, the user can log into your system or corporate website and decide to watch a video determined at any time.

All event broadcasts are available in standard quality, as in broadcast quality (quality TV, with compressors D-5), the former are supported by the usual broadband connections (ADSL and DSL), and the second for point to point connections via satel ; lite, also provided by QUORUM.

Also, we offer the ability to edit their content in digital - CD, DVD - for conservation distributionand.

In addition, with our "key in hand", you will enjoy the logistical advantage QUORUM offers over other suppliers in the industry, as we shift to location of your event all the technical elements audiovisual capture, signal emission productionand content. Our platform has the main technologies used in this field: Quick Time, Windows Media, Flash Media, RealMedia-Helix and ShoutCast.

This service is applicable to a wide range of requirements:

  • WEB TV
  • Broadcast events, seminars or meetings.
  • Demonstrations of products and/or services.
  • Distance education (e-learning).
  • Video On Demand
  • Broadcast operations.